Network Deployment

NOVATEL IT GROUP provides Tower, Civil, Shelters and Equipment Installation services. NOVATEL IT GROUP differentiates itself through deployment automation, strong project management and deep understanding of carriers’ needs, specifications and preferences gained through the regional experience.

We are proud of advancing field services productivity using proprietary automated field tools and eager to demonstrate our capabilities, and the quality and transparency of real-time metrics that we provide to our customers.


New Site Construction

•     Site Acquisition

•     Tower / Monopole

•     Rooftop Installation

•     Specialty Structures (camouflaged sites, etc.)

•     Tenant Improvement

•     Colocation

•     Temporary Cell Site Installations (COW)


•     Power Generators

•     New Power Service

•     Power Upgrades

Antenna / Line Installation

•     Coaxial and Fiber (Hybrid) Cabling

•     Panel Antenna

•     Remote Radio Unit (RRU)


•     Path Surveys

•     Dish installation

•     Path Alignment

Structure Inspection, Maintenance & Repair

•     Inspection and Corrective actions for all tower types

•     Third Party Audits

•     Annual Safety Inspections

•     Tower Mapping

•     Tower Enhancements


NOVATEL IT GROUP Technicians certified with the major

Manufacturers (Huawei, ZTE, Ericsson, ALU, Nokia, Motorola…) for:

•     RAN equipment (GSM2G/3G/4G, CDMA, Tetra.)

•     In-Building Systems

•     Small Cell Systems (WiFi, Picocell, etc.)

•     Microwave Equipment

Field Services

•     Cabinet Placement & Relocation

•     Battery Installation

•     3G/LTE Carrier Additions and Upgrades

Backhaul Services

•     Microwave base equipment installation

•     Optical Fiber