The technology leverages patented algorithms that are making standard IP routing richer so you can build high-performing, intelligent, resilient and mobile mesh networks.

Main Features :

Applications :

  • No Licence or Operator Subscription Required
  • Instant Handoff with no packet loss even at 350km/h (220mph)
  • 200Mbps symmetrical throughput
  • Latency <2ms
  • Comprehensive QoS management for critical applications
  • Distributed mesh architecture: No mobility controller, No SPOF
  • Mesh Tool Suite: Easy Radio planning and network management
  • High-reliability: MTBF>30 years
  • Complies with railways Standards including EN50155
  • Smart Autonomy
  • Rapid and Easy Deployment
  • Homeland and Private Security
    • Urban Video surveillance
    • Events Security
    • Critical Sites Protection
  • Industries and Logistics
    • Connected Port Terminal
    • Industry 4.0
  • Train-to-Ground Communications
    • Operational Applications
    • Security Applications
    • Passenger Services /informations
    • Real-time video surveillance
    • On-board Wi-fi
  • SmartCity
    • Smartcity control center
    • Intelligent street lightening
    • Digital Signage
    • Connect city buildings
  • SmartGrid
    • Connect remote substations
    • Backup the Power Line networks
    • Working under the harsh conditions commonly found on substations