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Managed Services

Through Network Managed Services, we can take full responsibility for your network, including planning, design and implementation, day-to-day operations and maintenance.

Service description

The Network Managed Services offerings include all activities we would typically perform running a telecom network, for instance:

  • Day-to-day operation and management of the entire network infrastructure
  • Management of end-customer problems escalated from your customer care function
  • Corrective and preventive field maintenance
  • Optimization of systems and services to ensure performance is maintained at or above agreed quality levels
  • Management of changes to the network
  • Installation and upgrades of equipment
  • Multivendor Support

Network Managed Services embrace multi-vendor environments, which gives you the flexibility to develop and deploy services and infrastructure by using the vendor of your choice.

The service is controlled by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) based on performance indicators.

We can also help you to secure your own in-house capability to operate the network, and while you get ready to operate we will take the full network management responsibility.



Network Managed Services will enable you to achieve desired quality at a foreseeable cost.

By letting us handle the network operation, you can focus on business strategy, services and customers.

We focus on improving operational efficiency, network quality and asset utilization, helping you to improve profitability and customer experience.